Organization is Key

Creating more time and making more money in business

Have you ever thought “OMG if I could just do this easier/faster I’d have more time for (insert whatever it is you love to do). 

In the article 7 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Are So Disorganized (And How To Fix It) they speak how disorganization can drain money from businesses and be frustrating on a number of levels. In the decades of working with entrepreneurs I have witnessed the frustration and the loss of money from missed opportunities. The reasons being they didn’t have the time and they didn’t know if they were making the money to allow them to say “yes” to the opportunities presented to them.

There is no greater way of losing opportunities to make money than being disorganized.

Wasting time searching for documents we have misplaced, digging through piles of papers looking for customer orders, flipping through receipts trying to find that one for the item we need to return and worst of all, searching our emails looking for that one email that has the attachment we so desperately need!

Wasting time is the number one reason why we lose opportunities for making money.

I can see your mind spinning, wondering “where do I start?” Am I right? 

Let’s start with thinking about how you work and the steps you take from the time you begin through to the end when you work with your clients. 

Think about how you group your services, products, customers, supplies, etc. 

Create a list with the groupings for each of these categories. 

These are the “folders” you are going to create and start “filing” the documents, emails and digital documents. Yes, they are going to look the same! Why? Because when you think of where you look for something — you will know EXACTLY where to look regardless of the type of item it is. And guess what? These categories are going to be cross-referenced in your bookkeeping! Keep It Simple Successfully!

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