Create Financial Clarity In Your Business To Make Confident, Informed Decisions

Learn to master your business finances step by step knowing you are never alone.

Liz M Raymond

Ever find yourself saying. . .

  • I hate this sh*t!
  • I can’t believe they told me to do it that way!
  • OMG! How do I do this?
  • Numbers aren’t my thing!

Work with me and start saying . . .

  • OMG! I get it now!
  • I feel so much more confident doing this now
  • I actually saved money on taxes!
  • I made how much?! Wow!

Our Capabilities

With experience, expertise, and acquired knowledge, I’m here to help you manage your business finances effectively. My mission is to work with women entrepreneurs like yourself to streamline and optimize your bookkeeping for a successful and organized business.

QBO Setup & Training

Gain a solid foundation for your financial reporting with QBO setup and training that ensures your financial reporting is accurate and your systems are efficient.

Bookkeeping Training

Demystifying the technical terminology and processes in simple language you can understand. Gain the knowledge that builds confidence.

Bookkeepers’ Mentor

Uplevel your bookkeeping skills with my Best Practices for Better Bookkeepers. Transform from being “just a bookkeeper” to a partner entrepreneurs turn to for guidance.